OurStorySoFar.tv 48 – ClayFighter, C2 Judgment Clay, 63 1/3rd, & Sculptor’s Cut

By: NuAngel | Date: 28.07.2017 | Categories: OurStorySoFar.tv Episodes

ClayFighter, Tournament Edition, ClayFighter 2 Judgment Clay, ClayFighter 63 1/3rd, and ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut… a series of games that never got a full release on the PlayStation, and remakes and reboots have been rumored to be coming to Wii Ware and other platforms like Xbox Live Arcade, but in all these years, we’re still just left with fond memories. But where do the ClayFighters come from? What are they fighting for? Let’s find out!

All video and audio captured from original sources personally, unless otherwise noted. All video and audio contained herein are for purposes of commentary, which is covered by Fair Use.

Pre-release ClayFighter footage from video Clayfighter Trailer 1994 by Video Detective.

Scan of Sculptor’s Cut manual story pages from NintendoAge.com.

Intro & Outro music used under Creative Commons: Snow Wizards from Electronic Music & Snow Wizards from Revenge is Sweet, both songs written, programmed, and recorded by Nick Maynard, co-written by Kolbe Resnick. https://exploringaudio1999.bandcamp.com.