OSSFtv 75 – Castlevania & Super Castlevania IV


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Castlevania is a game about hunting vampires. But literally the bat on the title screen was just about the only clue you had as a player to that fact! It wasn’t until Super Castlevania IV that things started to fall in to place.

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Intro and Outro music used under Creative Commons: Snow Wizards from album Electronic Music & Snow Wizards from album Revenge is Sweet, both songs written, programmed, and recorded by Nick Maynard, co-written by Kolbe Resnick. https://exploringaudio1999.bandcamp.com

High Resolution game logo artwork for Super Castlevania IV re-created by WhaddupNico. https://www.behance.net/gallery/63535513/300-Super-Nintendo-Logos-Fully-Remastered