OSSFtv 57 – Ballz featuring exclusive interview with Keith Kirby


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Ballz – sometimes called 3D Ballz and Ballz 3D – is a game that was more revolutionary than most people know, and it had a lot riding on its shoulders. Unfortunately, the version that could have ushered in an entirely different generation of console gaming ahead of its time never saw the light of day. But is that a good enough excuse to almost entirely neglect all story elements?

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Edge 16 promotional materials from SegaRetro.org.

Trailers of Drunkn Bar Fight from Steam and provided by Keith Kirby of TheMunky.com.

Intro & Outro music used under Creative Commons: Snow Wizards from Electronic Music & Snow Wizards from Revenge is Sweet, both songs written, programmed, and recorded by Nick Maynard, co-written by Kolbe Resnick. https://exploringaudio1999.bandcamp.com.